You are one step away from solutions to your address data quality problems.

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Why use address verification?

  • Address verification will help eliminate returned mail and the costs associated with it
  • Address verification is a tool to remove wasteful duplicate addresses from your databases
  • Address verification will inform you of vacant addresses not to mail
  • Address verification and standardization will allow you to qualify for the highest level of postal discounts available to you based on your mailing quantity and entry points

Why use Willowbend for your address verification?

  • We own a database of over 175 million residential and business addresses in the US, meaning we can quickly check with our own data to determine what needs to be changed in yours. And we can provide you with address locations you need for marketing purposes and may not have in your company dataset
  • We will work with you to integrate address verification into your CRM or business systems. Address verification is not just for mailing, meaning it will improve all your enterprise systems
  • We have an SLA that will provide you with Five nines uptime
  • We can extend your solution to provide demographic appends, email appends, “Push” digital display based on our IP links kept in our data sets; meaning Willowbend address verification can become the foundation of you direct and digital marketing programs
  • We provide precision geocoding that surpasses what most address verification systems offer; meaning the address locations for your customers will be as close to reality as possible. Consider the image below:
The “red balloon” is where a popular address verification system placed the address shown in the map. The two black outline circles are where Willowbend and Google placed the location, which is in fact the actual location of the address. The popular system placed this address almost 2 football fields away from its correct location.

As a system user, you can see for yourself how you can identify the problems in your address data that are costing you money. You can access addresses for maximizing your data management and for updating your direct marketing programs.

Did you know that all the newest direct marketing technology such as email and retargeting through IP address capture provide the highest quality returns if they start with high quality street address information?

Using Willowbend’s Master Address Management System will allow you to test your current address list quality, and utilize Willowbend’s Web APIs to the Master Address Management System where you can integrate directly with your existing web or business processes.